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I am here to help those who need support during pregnancy,  birth and in the early days of the babies arrival.

Ways I can be of assistance:

  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth Doula
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • Post Natal Yoga Teacher
  • Natural Wellness Consultant & Speaker

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An amazing support throughout our pregnancy, birth and early days of becoming parents. The yoga and relaxation techniques were so good during my pregnancy and allowed me to have a drug free birth as was able to breathe through the surges with out pain relief. Thank you Sarah, we love you!

Serena & Rob Billinghurst

Sarah as been an amazing help to me. I struggled massively when max was born. Knowing that she was coming over to help me through a tough time, with whatever I needed , wether it was time out from max, or help with chores, sometimes just someone to vent to! It was such a weight off my shoulders, just to chat and off load my feelings to a very kind, earthy, non judgemental very loveable woman.
If I could employ her full time I would! ❤️

Melissa and Max